Monday, July 28, 2008

Treasure hunting on a balmy evening...

So, if you're reading this from the UK, you'll be aware that the last few days have been hot and hot and more hot... one of the most pleasant things though about living in a city by the sea is those evening strolls along the beach or the sea wall - promenading indeed as our Victorian forebears would have said. In Portsmouth we have a choice, we can promenade at the eastern end of the city's beach which is slightly more rugged, much emptier and affords wonderful views out across the English channel to the anchorage in the distance where the tankers and container ships lay up for the night. Or the western end which faces off with the Isle of Wight across the Solent and is full of amusment arcades, ice cream parlours, a funfair and, of course, semi-naked young men.

Surpisingly, it's always a genuine choice but last night we braved the testoserone fuelled, semi-naked, tanned and toned part of the beach to visit the amusement arcade for one of life's most guilty pleasures... you know those stupid arcade machines that push piles of two pence pieces backwards and forwards and where you introduce more and more 2ps in order to make tottering piles of cash finally fall over the edge and into your pockets? Of course, they're designed so you never get out as much as you put in, but that's not the best way to play because placed on top of the piles of heaving cash are treasures which might also just be induced to fall into the chute. Play for money and you'll always loose; play for trashy plastic prizes and you'll be a winner every time. Just look at all the juicy treasure R and I came home with! :-)

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Chris Bellinger said...

Nice to see you back!
i was toying with the idea of deleating you from bookmarks buut providing you behave yorself you might be promoted to blogline!
did you catch up with MandY's interview in The news about her work in the degree show?

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