Monday, July 28, 2008

Normal Service Will be Resumed...


I'm sorry to have been away for a while. I don't know quite why that happens sometimes, certainly not through any lack of things to blog about. Without going into one of those blog posts about blogging which everyone seems so much to dislike I think I'd best just leave it at saying that normal service is now being resumed...

I'm particularly grateful to 'commenters' and correspondents and my apologies to those who might have been waiting a while for a response and acknowledgement from me.

Kapitano, thanks for syaing hi way back when I posted about William Paine, there's a little more about Paine and his 'erotic socialism' (for lack of a better term) to be posted shortly. For now, everyone else should be aware what a damn fine blog of you own you have: erudite, witty and thoughtful without being too 'arch'. Loved it. I also loved the little piece recently on your blog about emotional states which other languanges have words for that we don't!

John C, as ever you have been kind in keeping up with some of the posts here so a wave to you too! I did eventually finish Jekyll and Hyde. I wasn't familiar with the work you mentioned suggesting that it could be read as a fable of gay life and, for a while I was a bit sceptical, thinking surely this could be a fable of any number of different 'repressed' feelings deemed inappropriate in Victorian England. However, as the story goes on I began to see (or feel almost) just how sexually charged the language is throughout and how the vocabulary does seem to be the same as some Victorian discussions of sexuality that one finds occasionally within the discourse of 'unfettered desire' and 'shame'.

Clixchix, I'm so very aware that I owe you an email and I promise that will be forthcoming. Just to say here though that the idea that you went and bought a copy of Jourdan's Two on my recommendation is rather scary. I suppose it just goes to show how little I actually expect the things I write here to be taken account of!

Thevina, is it strange that I can't think of my own 'most erotic kiss' - and yet, on my list of 'things I'd like to do with a good looking guy' it's always close to number one?

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