Saturday, June 07, 2008

Vintage Venice Again I

At auction yesterday I picked up a little photo album which contained, among other things, these and other photos of Venice. They are particularly nice photos I think because although pretty early - maybe 1900s-1910s - they are the 'snapshots' of an amateur on holiday rather than bought sets of photos from a professional. This means that the subject matter moves beyond the normal tourist fare and into the realm of more ordinary life. In this case, for example, there are two rather touching photos, one of a procession of a child's funeral from the church of San Sebastiano, the other of the funeral gondola leaving for the cemetery island. There is also another nice 'vernacular' photo looking down from the balcony on Saint Marks at the crowds during the carnivale. Note too the snow on the ground in St Mark's Square in some of the pictures.

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Chris Bellinger said...

Have come accross a few family postcards of late am scanning a few Mainly seem to be just aftwer the war quite interesting...posting on the blog as and when

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