Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vintage Venice Again and Again

These three little snaps are from the recent Brighton haul. I like them particularly because, like the last lot of Vintage Venice pictures I blogged, they are the photographs of an ordinary tourist from a time when most simply bought professionally produced photographs. Another feature which make two of these unusual are that they are not pictures of the city at all but of the outlying island of Murano. The third photo is of the Station Hotel.

PS. Chris. Thank you for your long and obviously informed comment on my previous posts. I'm afraid I didn't know about nor notice the MBA exhibit. I did however find the Access and Foundation Course shows. As one who is, part-time a professional picture framer I obviously have a bias here. I was commenting mainly on the works on paper which were simply pinned to the wall but I would also contest that although a canvas can be screwed to the wall with mirror plates there are actually very few canvasses that wouldn't, like works on paper, be vastly improved by decent framing, the new craze for unframed canvasses is just that in my humble opinion, brought about mainly by the huge tranches of 'decorative art' and 'canvas prints' being sold by Ikea et al. Anyway, that's just a little hobby-horse of mine! Thanks, nonetheless for the comment.

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