Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sacrevoir New Work

The artist known as Sacrevoir has updated his website. This is quite an event. There are new paintings posted including some achingly beautiful portraits. There are new life drawings in both charcoal and pastel including the delicate study posted above. And there are new drawings in his section of work depicting statuary: and, of course, I'm delighted by the fact that one of those drawings is of the beautiful statue of Tarcisius by Falguiere which I've blogged about here before when I've been rattling on about Frederick Rolfe's Tarcissus and about other depictions of the saint.

In the list of things which people type into search engines which lead them to this blog the name Sacrevoir is consistently second from the top.

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Bakhirun said...

Very nice to blunder onto your charming blog, while snooping into the toils and travails of the madcap Baron Corvo. Thank you so much for introducing me to Sacrevoir, whom I had not viewed previously. I am a tickler on the run, hiding out in plain sight down in Jakarta. Have a peek at my video works on "bakhirun's channel": GLORIA GORILLA YAKULTS IT UP and I also have some cute stuff on the Saatchi student site, as "Byron Allen Black". Hope to hear from you.

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