Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lewes: Stephen Fry: Oscar Wilde

So, it was a beautiful day today. We took off reasonably early (for us) in the morning and drove over to Lewes, one of our favourite antique-shop haunts. I was going to share my photos of this lovely town except it appears that in his own manic fit of blogging R managed to delete them all from the camera! In fact, he had a much better day of it than I did. You can read his self-satisfied gloating about how many pots he managed to buy over at his blog.

Things made of paper however were in much shorter supply. True, I found a number of books for a friend doing a PhD in Biblical Studies but, as they have titles like, The Sources and Sitz im Leben of Matthew 23, their blogging interest is fairly minimal. I found five small photos to sell. Apart from that, for me, I found pretty much nothing, so when I saw these three 10"x8" b/w publicity photos from the film Wilde for a pound each I thought I'd better buy them in order to say I had found something!


bisto boy said...

oh dear, SO sorry about deleting your pics - maybe you could get the crayons out and draw your day out in Lewes ?

J said...

I'm sorry, too, becuase I have been to Lewes several times (I have friends there), and would have enjoyed seeing the photos.

Bad bisto boy...


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