Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Alma Mater

I'm sitting here, late, in my underwear, fresh from the shower and smelling all fresh and clean with that clean glow that comes from having stood under hot water for a long time. Wonderful feeling. Add to that, the fact that R and I have just got back from seeing Sex And The City, and it's been a very plesant evening. And in looking for things to share on the blog tonight I haven't had to look far because earlier today we stopped by our favourite junk and antique shop and I picked up a number of things (dug out might be more accurate) and one of which was this engraving, to which I have taken rather a shine.

It shows Somerset House on the Strand in London, except its from the Thames side not the Strand side, and it's from 1797, before The Embankment was built, so the Thames goes right up to the watergates, the arches which today stand high and dry next to the long fast road along the Embankment. Anyway, the reason I've taken a particular shine to it is that my alma mater is King's College in the University of London. The college, as well as numerous other modern buildings takes up a portion of Somerset House, at the far right of this picture.

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