Sunday, May 18, 2008

William Beckford

I'm enjoying the minor thrill at the moment of getting things up which are 'new to the net' - it's a little like the 'first published' thrill only smaller!

In that vein, here's hoping this is the first time this picture has found its way into the ether and that someone with a proper interest will find it. This is from a 1912 edition of The Connoisseur in an article about an exhibition of miniatures in Belgium. It is a miniature portrait of William Beckford as a boyby a chap called A. Plimer.

I keep meaning to read Vathek but somehow never get around to it!

PS. John C. Thanks for that wiki link to nude male statues - along with a DVD box set of The West Wing it has managed to make most of my Sunday afternoon just disappear!

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