Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pygmalionism Again

Having recently been sent by a good friend, a picture of an incredibly sexy statue that I can't share with you here for reasons too complicated to explain, I felt I should share the discovery of The Pymalionism Syndrome Website. It's not as medical as it sounds, in fact, the guy who runs it is refreshingly honest about the fact that he simply likes nude statues and other 'inanimate' representations of the human body. You should be aware that whilst, if you are not shocked by the contents of this blog you are unlikely to be shocked by anything on this website, nonetheless there is 'adult' content on this site. The link I'm giving takes you directly to his gallery of male statues.

The rather delectable arse above, by the way, is Hermes, in the process of discovering the Cadeuceus - an implement which I'm told is, in occult terms, a representation of the phallus.


John C said...

Being a similar fan of nude statuary I think I'd ended up there following some artist links. By coincidence I've been going through the stock of images at the Wikimedia Commons recently and they have a lot of statue material.

19th century sculpture is a neglected area of study on the web; there were a great many artists working but they're frequently under-represented.

Leem said...

This is the proprietor of said Pygmalion Syndrome website speaking. Glad to see that you're enjoying the site for its statue content. Most people just visit it for the section on Technosexuality, which is a whole different can of worms and which I didn't create in the first place. Most of the adult content that I did create relates to a fetish for *becoming* a statue or statue-like, which I realise isn't to everyone's taste, but it's all part of the diversity of human sexuality I guess. Anyway, thanks for linking.

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