Sunday, May 04, 2008

Keith Vaughan I

Figure Group at Cumae (1953)
Red Figures (c.1972)
Standing Figure (1954)
The Wrestlers (1965)
Yorkshire Gardeners (1946)

I have just discovered a new stash of Keith Vaughan pictures which I couldn't not share with you. I have nothing profound to say about them, I simply want to share. It is possible that some of them have never been seen on the internet before and possible too that some of these have not seen book publication. That thought gives me a certain frisson!

I should say also that I have a little free time coming up and you may find that there is some daily blogging going on round here, so long as I can fit it in between the back-to-back watching of the West Wing which I am currently involved with, so do try to keep up.

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Chris Bellinger said...

yes these paintings of Keith Vaughen do have a certain something and they appear to be more interesting in what they do not reveal!
there is a air of mystery which hangs over the naked Bodies!

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