Monday, May 05, 2008

Best Bank Holiday Find

Perhaps the nicest little something I picked up at the Fair was not the photos below but a small printing block from the publishers Longmans, Green & Co., of "London, New York and Bombay" and dated 1902. It even has a nicely arts and craftsy feel to it. I didn't get a very good print off it with a rubber-stamp ink pad but I haven't had time to get the printing ink and whatnot out. Nonetheless I think the image is clear enough to see what the block is all about.

Now of course I shall have to find a book in which this was printed. Also, I'm curious to know what the oval shaped lozenge at the bottom in the middle was for - just a gap? a space for a device to be inserted? If, dear readers, anyone should find that they have a book from 1902 by this publisher on their shelves please do have a look for me!

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