Thursday, April 03, 2008


There are a superfluity of fairly dreadful 'poem of the day' or 'quote of the day' sites out there but despite initial appearances, this site is nothing of that sort. Line Break is an online journal which publishes one poem a week both on the page and as an audio recording. I found only found out about it because I checked an old email account that I thought was defunct and found a message from a poet I was in touch with a long time ago now, Robert Siken, who has a poem at the site.

A new piece by Siken was the draw - and that would be enough to draw me to an awful lot of far less salubrious places than this - but I stayed and read the first few weeks worth. I have to say, so far, I haven't found a poem I haven't thought really very worthwhile. The only slight qualm I have about the site is that it insists all its audio files be read by other working poets - in my experience, poets are very often the last people who ought to be allowed to read poetry aloud.

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