Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lehnert and Landrock - Nostalgia

A couple of years ago both R and I were collecting the postcard of 'Lehnert and Landrock' - two German photographers in North Africa in the first years of the twentieth century. It remains the only 'collection' that R and I have really collaborated on. There were close on 300 postcards when we had enough and decided to sell the collection on. Recently I've been picking up the odd Lehnert and Landrock card again at fairs and the like and have been feeling nostalgic for the collection we had.

The German photographers were clearly 'orientalist' at heart and as you can see from the winsome youth above, they were not averse to trying to tweak a homoerotic cord in foreign tourists but they never quite took that extra step which would have made them North African Von Gloedens. The reason, I suspect, was simply that they were themselves heterosexual. There is something about their soft-core erotic images of women which speaks much more firmly of a hetersexual 'gaze' and the pictures of boys seem really to be 'pretending'. Regardless, R and I really loved the card, the colour, the sepia and the b/w photographs...

The pictures illustrated here are just a handful that I have picked up in nostalgic mood recently. The cyanotype card of Capri is a scarce one as they only made occasional trips away from Tunis and North Africa generally.

There are a number of places to go for Lehnert and Landrock goodness. The first, which is a must-visit site, even though it's in French, is Lehnert and Landrock Mania which displays the biggest collection I've ever seen of their postcards. Darvill's Rare Prints has quite a collection of the larger 'heliogravures' which were made from the same negative images. I have had a number of the panoramic prints at various times and sold them all reasonably well.

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