Monday, April 21, 2008

Derek Jarman: Smiling in Slow Motion

"Friday 24th May (1991)

There is not a breath of wind this morning, a bright redstart hops over my stones. Wallflowers and sea thrift, yellow and pink, patches of fluttering white sea campion, wilnd mignonette flowering at the roadside

Washed clothes and the kitchen floor, and watered my fennel seedlings.

Saturday 25

Mist closed in at dawn - the foghorn's incessant boom woke me. The sun made a brave attempt to break the gloom, slight blush in the clouds. A jetliner ruled two lines across the sky, before the mist closed over everything. Raked the fire. It's an English summer - still very cold. my bees arrived at 9.30, to greet them the weather cheered up."

Smiling in Slow Motion (Century, London, 2000)

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