Monday, April 21, 2008

Derek Jarman: Modern Nature

"Saturday 3rd June [1989]

Dungeness bathes in a pool of clear sunglight ringed by dark purple thunder clouds. Heat shimmers off the stones - there is no wind today. Breathless the bees' lazy flight through the foxglove spires.

My blue columbine is in flower, and last year's seedlings are thriving. The columbine - aquilegia, the eagle's foot - a wild flower, has crept into my garden, one of the herbs used against the Black Death in the 14th century.

The thunder clouds move closer - a hawk hovers so high it is almost invisible. Down here on the stones blue damselflies and butterflies mate. Gold cinquefoil and bacon-and-eggs catch the last rays.

The sun is overtaken by clouds; distant boom of thunder.

Cinquefoil boiled with the fat of children made the witches' ointment, spell flower for love potions."
Modern Nature (Century, London, 1991)

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