Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back to Compton

Drove through hail storms and sunshine on the forty-five minute trip back to Compton to show a friend the wonders of the Cemetery Chapel and the Watts Gallery. This friend of mine had been using a pub in Compton as a meeting point half-way between London and Portsmouth for London friends she wanted to have a meal with for years and years and had never known about the Chapel or the Gallery. More photos were taken and the whole pile of them is now, of course, in a Flickr Set

I was also naughty and in the cold, drafty and slightly damp feeling final room at the rear of the gallery where they store mainly sculpture, I took photos... largely because I was fascinated by the untitled and unloved looking (and rather sexy save for his face) cupid painting hanging against the wall.

The cat looked delivered!

PS. John C. Thanks for the compliments on the last lot of photos, it is a pretty difficult place to photograph, the best photos of the interior of the chapel are part of the dispay material in the gallery, which is a suprise because the quality of reproduction on their postcards is appauling. Chris, hi, nice to see you again. Most of my books are handmade - as far as possible - but as it happens I have used Lulu to publish a book by Vincent O'Sullivan about Oscar Wilde. The two companies are pretty much neck and neck as far as I can see. Lulu is cheaper, has more useful size options but takes a long time to deliver, Blurb is more expensive but quicker...

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