Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Antiques Roadshow

Both R and I have been feeling a little under the weather recently with horrible colds, but we put all that aside yesterday to go tootling off in the sunshine to Ascot where they were filming The Antiques Roadshow. We've never been before and, have to say, we had a really good day. Everyone talks about the queueing and we did indeed have to queue for nearly two hours to have our first lot of objects seen. That said, the queueing itself is great fun, with loads of people-watching to be done and lots of rubbernecking at the things sticking out of other people's bags and so on. Also, because the queue is a ready source of people they make sure that it winds around behind where they do the filming of various segments so you can't really help but be in the background of shot.

We took a selection of R's collection of pots, a representative sample of the work of the manufacturer that he collects and were directed towards Fergus Gambon (son of Michael 'Dumbledore' Gambon) as our expert. So R came away from that very buzzy having been told that his collection was probably unique and important, that he should write a book and should leave the collection in his will to the National Pottery Museum in Stoke! The valuations given on some of the pieces were more than we had thought too which is always nice. In the afternoon we decided to brave the queues again and got from the back of the car our second lot of goodies which were two pastel landscapes and an oil painting. Again it was gratifying that the expert thought the pastels in particular were strong (and beautifully framed!!) but neither expert on the table was able to tell us who the artist might have been, which is really the reason we took them - a shame. However, the two pastels R picked up for £10 each in a junk shop were valued at about £150 each.

As a day out, it was a great bit of fun.

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can you post a pic of these lovely pastels?

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