Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thomas Hardy & Mark Cazalet at the Old Stile Press

There's something very exciting about the creation and announcement of a new book, so it was wonderful that this morning a prospectus from Nicolas and Frances at The Old Stile Press came through the letterbox for Green Blades from her mound by Thomas Hardy, 'a selection by Mark Cazalet who also made all the images'.

I've had the opportunity to handle this book and, apart from being immediately and obviously (from across the room) an OSP book - which of course means it is a thing of beauty - it also has some amazing images cut from wood and lino by Mark Cazalet.

I love many of the pictures but the one above is, I think my stand-out favourite simply for the power of the composition and the character of the tomb stone. However, I'm also really drawn to the cover image of two gate post used on the cover and inside because they remind me of a childhood wonder, and also the images for 'The Spell of the Rose'

Do go and look at more pictures of the book

PS. J., thank you for pointing out the final price of the photo below. I have to say I was a little surprised it went quite that high just because of its diminiutive size, but perhaps others knew things about it that I didn't.

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