Monday, March 10, 2008


It's Sunday, but no pictures today of a Sunday afternoon walk as I have spent all day making books of one kind of another. I'm in the final proof stages of the sixth of Robert Scoble's Raven series about the life and work of Frederick Rolfe. This one, The Ruin of the O'Sullivans, is one that both author and publisher are very excited about, but I can't really say why until it's 'on the shelves' so there'll be another post about that shortly I'm sure.

Also, today and last night I was able to put together a modest new publication (which would be pictured above if Blogger weren't having a funny five moments - I will come back to this post with illustrations later on), The Solitary Soul and Purgatory by Frederick Rolfe, courtesy of my trip to the British Library last week and access to The Holywell Record, a catholic magazine that Rolfe wrote for and then edited in 1897-8. The piece called 'Purgatory' is really just a theological fragment, 'The Solitary Soul', although by no means a major piece of work is an interesting little fiction with a dead narrator describing his journey to and through purgatory. I particularly like the design of the front of this booklet which involves a small cross in transparent 'gloss' and a tiny torn paper label.

Also, I have spent what seems like many many hours printing and binding a one-off book for a friend. It's going to be given as a present eventually so again I can't say too much about it here just yet but suffice it to say, I have discovered today that trying to sew through board with silver wire is like trying to herd cats.

There's a storm coming they tell us. The news has been full of it all day, as yet I can hear nothing outside but it's early yet.


Chris Bellinger said...

Hope you are surviving the weather! I see that the roads around Southsea front have been closed...I used to live along Western parade for a couple of years and remeber the wind well!!
look forared to seeing photos Blogger can be a bit of a bugger at times!!!!

Thevina said...

I'm still impressed that you're even trying to use that silver thread... your fingers are precious, though, and you don't want blood on the gift! ;)

Your ears should've been burning a bit yesterday; a friend was saying very complimentary things about NLMD. I'll share them via IM today if I see you.
Happy upcoming weekend!!

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