Sunday, March 16, 2008

Penguin Poets

On a rather grey and drizzly day R and I spent a morning trawling along the junk-, antique- and bookshops of Southsea. Actually, a very plesant way of spending a little time. A bookshop which is not often open had the door open today and I made away with a nice haul of books: some 1890s numbers for my own shelves, some Anglo-catholic books and books on church organs (which will be for sale), and a couple of the Penguin Poets series. Some of the other books from this haul may yet make it onto the blog in various ways. For now, I'm just showing off the beautiful covers of the Penguin Poets. It's hardly necessary for me to start scanning and uploading these (for I have a good number of the series) since they are already well represented on Flickr. Acejet170, which is a blog you should visit if you have any interest in typography and design, have a really nice set of covers from this series already on Flickr

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