Monday, March 03, 2008

Pallant Pictures 1

The Pallant Gallery in Chichester is one of those 'hidden gems' which come into your life from time to time. A remarkable building, ancient and modern, with many large gallery spaces behind the mixed facade, both modern spaces and beautiful period rooms. The holdings are derived, in the main, from two or three private collectors who donated their collections as far as I could tell meaning that, although there is no attempt to offer some kind of systematic overview of British Art in the twentieth century, or anything so 'curated-sounding' as that, there is a real sense of continuity to the collections they have because they represent the elided taste of just a few individuals. A really remarkable place in an unassuming back street in a cathedral town...
Obviously, the pictures in the two posts below are merely a sample of what we liked, taken from the postcard rack in the shop!

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Chris Bellinger said...

so glad that you found Pallant house Gallery interesting and it just so happens that I bought the same view of Chichester Catherdral by john Piper as you,,,One of my favourite viwes of the cathedral looking towards the cloisters, most exhibitions are curated as the cannot show all the stuff all the time.

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