Monday, March 17, 2008

New York, New York

A little while ago I promised a hiatus on the posts relating to the huge pile of bound National Geographics on my landing. Well, the National Geographics are now gone and I feel I have kept my promise and can now return, albeit briefly, to some of the wonder of the NG in the early 20th Century. In fact, during the inter-war years which is when this little tresure was included as a 'pull out and keep' item. It's a large reproduction of an ariel photograph of New York and, on the back a line drawing key to the photo. I have to say, that as someone who has never been to NY this is really, still a very useful thing. Films, books and TV set in NY bandy around the names of places disctricts like Queens, Brooklyn, Harlem, the Bronx and so on and obviously the visual image of NY is very familiar but matching the two has always been pointless in my head. Now however, - voila! Actually, what I like most about it is the photograph, I love the way that the heart of NY is in lovely crisp focus but that focus slides out as you look further to the edge of the picture.

There may well be more NG pull-out goodness to come...

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