Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Yellow Typography

These are the latest additions to the Gollancz yellow-jacketed SF collection. And, of course, to the flickr set of their covers. I bought these on ebay from a seller I've used a number of times before and, for anyone intested in modern genre fiction (horror, SF, fantasy etc.) they are an absolute must-know. I can't recommend coldtonneagebooks enough, and although this link take you to their ebay shop they also maintain selling points in a number of other online locations. Every book I've bought from them has been in pristine condition and has been delivered swiftly and safely for a very reasonable price. In related news, The Book and Magazine Collector has agreed to print a letter of mine asking for help with my bibliography of Gollancz SF, as I have had no response at all from the current incumbents of the Gollancz name asking for information or directions to sources of information, I wrote to the magazine asking if they might call for editors, designers, even authors who have anything to do with Gollancz during my period of interest to get in touch. I'm not inordinately hopeful, but you never know.

Now I must away, a friend of mine has recently collected the 12 episodes of Brideshead Revisited that were recently being given away with a national newspaper and I am completely entranced and addicted. Also, I'm rereading Neil Gaiman's The Sandman graphic novels so, given that it's already nearly 2a.m. I hope you'll excuse me for the night.

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