Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Tribal Men

Not this time from The National Geographic but from Savage Life in New Guinea. The Papuan in Many Moods by Charles W. Abel, one of the most patronizing, colonial, intellectually straight-jacketed and overbearingly cloying missionary books imaginable. However, sadly, it was often the missionaries who were the first to spend any length of time in some with some of the worlds more remote indigenous peoples and so it is to their books that one has to turn for information and early pictures. This book does have, at least the merit of being well illustrated. There's no publication date but adverts at the back talk about "magazines for 1902". It was published by The London Missionary Society. Many of the photographs appear to be signed 'Montague', strikes me he (I'm guessing a 'he') would be an interesting person to know more about. In the meantime the book provided a new handful of photos for my Ethnic Men set at Flickr.

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