Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday Meandering

Despite the fact that all the shops now seem to open on Good Friday, there is something about it here in the UK which still seems a little quiter and more relaxed than most other days. I have this notion that there are certain days of the year which always have the same kind of weather. This is nonsense of course but it is true enough, just often enough for me to continue to believe that Christmas Eve night is always cloudless, cold and crisp, Christmas day is always rather grey and mild with intermittent sunshine. And so, Good Friday by the same account is always, as it was today, bright and sunny but cold (admittedly there were a few fairly heavy downpours during the day also but we leave them to one side for the sake of my meteorological fantasy).

R tells me that this year Easter is earlier than it has been since 1912 and only a few days short of the earliest it can possibly be. Not so surprising then that the forcasters are suggesting there may be snow by Sunday.

Anyway, today was glorious and we drove to the seafront and spent a few moments taking in the bracing sea air and looking across the Solent to an Isle of Wight which appeared shrouded in a glowing mist.

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