Saturday, February 02, 2008

Vintage Happy Returns

I suppose from the heading of the blog, the profile and the content you can see below, you might think this post is a little 'unlike me'. Maybe... on the other hand it could just prove what a complete graphics-whore I am.

In my stock box is a selection of vintage greetings cards from the 30s and 40s and possibly some from the 50s too. I couldn't bear to post the Christmas cards - it's still too soon! - but I thought a few of the birthday cards wouldn't go amiss. I'm particularly fond of the 'Happy Birthday Son' card with the picture of the smoking cigarette in the ashtray. Also the black cats are rather nice, particularly as there's a really nice texture to the ink on that one.

I also have a very good friend, [you know who you are], who very thoughtfully sent me a real, honest-to-goodness vintage Christmas card this year, which was a lovely thing to have thought to do.

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