Monday, February 04, 2008

This is where we have been today...

Those of you with long memories for the unimportant, may remember me blogging about this exhibition last year. It's a huge but friendly and on the whole un-pompous affair where galleries and others show their wares so long as they're either watercolours, drawings or 'modern works on paper'. There's also a section of the exhibition called 'Covered' which is a selection of fine presses showing their artists' books. It's through the latter of course that R and I came to be there last year since we were sent invitaions by our friends Nicolas and Frances at The Old Stile Press and again this year.

The disappointment this year was the absence of the drawing swap scheme. The welcome addition on the other hand was a selection of dealers in fine vintage and antique photography. There were a good number of highlights in that part of the exhibition for me but among them, of course, were the Pluschow and Galdi nudes, but also the Frederick Evans photos of some 1890s figures and an original platinum print by Evans of his famous photos of Aubrey Beardsley - which had already sold at, I think, if I read the price through the red dot sticker correctly, £15,000. More modestly lined pockets might have been happy I suppose to discover that were was also a photogravure reproduction of the same portrait for sale by another dealer at a mere £500. The photography section of the exhibition was something of an eye opener in terms of the prices being asked, sometimes for the kind of material that I do see from time to time. Whether they were actually selling anything at those prices I can't be sure of course.

The rest of the exibition was the usual cornucopia of wonders from which there may arise more blogging yet...

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