Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Romance of The Skyscraper

As historians most commonly answer any question, "it's not my period" so too, this is quite a way from my normal Victoriana but I promised in the New Year to be little more eclectic and I couldn't resist sharing these photos from Building to the Skies. The Romance of the Skyscraper by Alfred C. Bossom, publised in 1934.

The photography is just wonderful but I particularly like the nighttime photos and the sketches which have a real feel of Philip K Dick come Ghostbuster's noir about them. You can just imagine the Fifth Element style aircars careening around those fabulous deco lines.

PS. Many thanks Wristle for pointing out that The Library of Congress data in the front of a book is written in the same way; I wondered if it was a style adopted to avoid confusion by various different conventions of capitalising titles, particularly with regard to particles and conjunctions and so on.


John C said...

I was pondering that library title mystery this very evening while taking down info about the books at Archive.org.

And hello to Hugh Ferriss, the subject of a recent posting of mine and the artist of those sketches about zoning laws. I love Art Deco skyscrapers, especially the Chrysler Building and the RCA building, the place with the spiky crown in your set here.

J said...

The first photo is the New York Hospital-Cornell complex, probably the only medical "skyscrapers" in the world...
-Jim D.

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