Saturday, February 09, 2008

More Tribal Bottoms

I hope I haven't started something here... A friend of mine who very occasionally reads this blog, noticed the other day the post about ethnographic photos from The National Geographic and other sources, so when she saw these rather splendid bottoms (and other bits) in an article in a Sunday supplement she thought of me and diligently ripped them out. It sounds like a fascinating story although, as I only really have the photographic pages of the article I'm having to guess the blanks a little. It seems that a treasure trove of photographs was found in a box in the family cellar after nearly forty years after they were taken by Mirella Ricciardi. They were billed in the subtitle to the article as photos of tribal life 'uncorrupted by the 20th century' which I suspect, for the 1960s/70s, is probably pushing things a little but nonetheless, beautiful photos, beautiful men.

There's an exhibition, obviously. We are told that more details are available from the Michael Hoppen Gallery, but as yet, whilst there are a few more images online, the promise of more details is disappointingly unkept.

These and other photos of tribal men at this Flickr Set.

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artything said...

Very interesting and erotic! You always seem to have interestings things to say on your blog,by the way was yor car fixed Ok.
I have a exhibtion on at havant at the moment sold one canvas at last nights preview also a few cards, it is on till the 21st, he sells books as well so yo can have a brose as well as a cup of cofee!, They are well kept secon hand books... it is behind Waitrose in Havant, I posted some photos of my show on my Blog

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