Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's All Greek to Me

What feels like many years ago, I had the occasion to learn koine, a dialect of Classical Greek, used mainly in The New Testament. As part of a program of relentless self-improvment currently underweigh - well, as part of an attempt to make good use of my brain again, I decided to teach myself proper bona fide classical Greek. I have acquired the Joint Association of Classical Teachers' Greek Course, jauntily titled, Reading Greek! and am starting back at the beginning again. In a misplaced attempt to make the three very dull text-books seem appealing, the editors thought it would be a scream to add black and white pictures - yes, that's pictures! - to just the one book. Still, I managed to find some blog interest even there! Remarkably, the editors also thought that the way to draw people into reading Greek was to have a fascinating first text to translate, the interest level of which could perhaps be gauged from the title, 'The Insurance Fraud' which, as far as I have been able to translate so far seems to have a lot to do with the same people getting on a boat over and over again. I'm sure it will all become wonderfully clear in time.

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