Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Helen Jacobs: Pandora's Box

As Helen Jacobs' work seemed well appreciated the last time, here is a follow up in the shape of her drawings for the story of Pandora's Box from the same collection of Greek Myths

PS. Jim D. Yes, I hadn't really thought of Alfie Allen as a Greek statue but now you mention it I can see what you mean about his build. It has to be said that I think the publicity photos and 'rehearsal' shots were taken some time before the opening night as, by the time we saw him, he'd lost some of the fleshiness!
John C. I'm glad you found the enneagram. It's been pointed out to me that I slipped up over the keyboard and wrote that I was a five when I should have written four, being the tragic/romantic type. Also, I shouldn't really represent the enneagram quite as simplistically as I did since it has a depth of symbolic references within it which remind me more than a little of the correspondances of sympathetic magic in occult lore. The names given to the various types also vary considerably. Thank you also for the link to the 'Beardsley Gargoyle', I realised as soon as I saw it that I once had a rather grand vintage postcard of said gargoyle.
Spycoops, welcome, and thank you for the reference for the Oscar Wilde letter. It's one of the things I have enjoyed in the course of some of my other studies in 1890s figures, 'watching' the movement of material (letters, books, etc.) through various hands as one reads memoirs and biographies and then finally finding that something utterly ephemeral perhaps has ended up in a public or institutional library.
Artything, I'm really very sorry I wasn't able to pop in to your exhibition in the end. I don't want to get started on the trouble I've been having with my ISP recently but it was, for a while last week, all-consuming and so getting out and about was something of a secondary consideration. I do hope it all went well.

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