Saturday, February 02, 2008

Equus: it's that horse thing again...

Very excited. You won't have had to have been popping in here for long to know that I do have quite a thing for the play Equus. I saw the recent West End production with Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe which had a profound affect on me and which prompted the beginning of a number of different things, including a friendship, many of which are still 'in progress'.

Anyhoo... very excited because. Simon Callow is now the new Richard Griffiths and Alfie Allen is the new Daniel Radcliffe and the same production is on tour at Chichester and I have just booked my tickets. The extra joy is that this time, R will be coming with me so he may, at last, have an idea of what I've been raving about.

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Thevina said...

Oh, how wonderful for you both!! I hope that R. enjoys it as well. I know that it's such a profound and moving play for you; do you think it will affect you differently with a different cast? I'll really enjoy seeing your thoughts on it after you see it.

And sorry I've not been able to IM at work; too much craziness. :sniff:

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