Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ephemera! Ephemera!

This is the kind of material I love to find. Three Victorian School Certificates for the three Rs and for 'Religious Knowledge'. It is this kind of thing which brings together the utterly personal, the gving of these certificates marked a moment in a single individual's life, with the public, inasmuch as these are given by Her Majesty's Inspector on behalf of the government. There's something quite special about the way that makes them 'artifacts'. And I bet that there's someone, somewhere who collects them!

PS. Chris (Artything) I'm so pleased to hear that your exhibition is going well. I only read about it the other day and was wondering when I might be able to find a time to wander over. Now you tell me there are books too! Anyone else reading here should check out Chris' blog. Natalie yes, thank you for your email, I'm literally about to start into a reply. Suffice it to say here that I was very glad you didn't take my ramblings to be a lumping you together with the serially insane.

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artything said...

thanks for the link!
If you are thinking of comming over then the opening times are Tuesday-friday10-4
Saturday 10 -2
Closed Monday
i shall be posting more potos over the next few days and the exhibition is on untile the 21st february... `The owner is into books and does special events in the evening poetry readings etc

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