Sunday, February 24, 2008

A day in the life...

A day in the life...

Today I have done some work adding new information to my master file about the Uranian poet and priest, E E Bradford, and I updated my Willard Price bibliography with the details of the articles I found referenced on ebay listings.

This week appears to have been something of a Gollancz week as I spent about an hour in a bookshop I don't usually use here in Portsmouth and came away with three new Gollancz Yellows: The Road to Corlay by Richard Cowper, Chekhov's Journey by Ian Watson, and Charisma by Michael Coney - today I wrote up bibliographical descriptions of these and a few other Gollancz books I have which I hadn't yet described.

I walked round the corner and bought a seafood mix baguette for lunch.

Some time was spent working at my 'Reading Greek' course and now I know how to talk about looking at the Parthenon and the Acropolis from the deck of a boat!

I convinced a dealer-friend from nearby Emsworth to come over on Monday and take a look at my stock to see if there's anything she wants to buy.

Some other length of time was spent reading a really very good essay on Homosexuality and Anglo-Catholicism by David Hilliard - available as a pdf here. And well worth it. I began to feel more than a little nostalgic for those heady days in my late teens when I was first introduced to Owen Chadwick's two volume history of the Victorian church - yes I know!

I took a pile of stuff to the tip in the car...

I discovered a couple of interesting new (to me) websites. There's the BookScans Database which hopes, in time, to have a copy of the front cover of every vintage paperback ever published. It's a noble aim and certainly the format is good and the number of book covers is pretty enormous already but it does suffer somewhat from the curse of Flickr - i.e. archiving images at a size well below what would normally be considered 'archival'. They make a great visual resource and I can imagine a numer of designers of my acquaintance enjoying a long browse but the images on the site would be fairly useless if it every came to print reproduction and, indeed, would need to be larger and at higher resolution for almost any other use! Also Ebay Morons Galore and Bitch with Books both of which are very amusing blogs with self-explanitory titles. I check out the Blogflux stats for this blog (see very bottom of the page) which tell me, among other things that people in Kuala Lumpur and Korea have acessed the blog in the last few days, and that the lovely Ms d'Arbeloff has mentioned my ravings about her illustration of The Book of Revelation - I know this because apparantly her rather fun blog has referred four people this way :-)

A little more time was spent reading a couple more of the short prose pieces in Horatio F Brown's In and Around Venice (Rivingtons, London, 1905)...

All of this is by way of trying to convince myself, much more than you, dear reader, that in a day which has felt like an utterly non-day, I may have actually achieved something.

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