Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This is one of those finds which only just just falls within my area really, in the sense that I usuallly say, when asked what I deal in: "anything made of paper". But these were too good to resist. A wonderfully made box full of some 70 black and white glass slides - not negatives, slides - of China. They were originally made and produced for some kind of missionary operation and just a very few of the slides relate specifically to missionary work. The vast majority however, are the most wonderful pictures of Chinese people, places (including the Shanghai waterfront), domestic scenes, landscapes and so on...

From the buildings in some of the photos - but only a few - I would say these were from the thirties perhaps, for the most part however, the photos are all fairly timeless. I think one of the things which makes them so appealing is the box with its leather strap, felt lining and partitions - it makes the whole thing feel like treasure.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Callum, love the magic lantern slides of China, you have managed to reproduce them remarkably well. I have some similar ones from India and fortunately I have a magic lantern with which to show them.
Miles. (Incidentally I stumbled upon you when Googling Gwenda Morgan my favourite wood-engraver)

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