Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Look... A New Year... A New Sense of Blog

I've been keeping this blog, sometimes regularly and prolifically, sometimes sporadically, for more than two and a half years. In the notoriously short-lived world of blogs, that's something I'm quite proud of. However, I'm aware that over the last four or five months it has become more and more sporadic with sometimes long gaps between posts. So, come the New Year, it seems a good enough time to think about what I'm doing with the blog. Obviously one option is simply to close it down and admit that it is sometimes just too much to keep up with. Another would be to keep going as it is, however, that's in a way, the worst option - people stop visiting sporadic blogs, any sense of it being a place where people come soon disappears and the motivation to post becomes harder and harder to maintain: you enter a vicious circle. The other option is to grab the whole thing by the balls, stop wingeing and get on with it...

I've chosen the latter.

When I first started blogging I included a lot more personal reflection, memoir and so on. Over time I've let that fall off and the blog has become almost entirely about books and photos. I'm not into making New Years Resolutions as such but, as close as it comes, I intend now to put a fair bit of energy into this blog and to post at least every other day.

There will be a broadening of the content too. I'm going to go back to including some of that self-exploratory stuff alongside the books and photographs but also widening the list of my interests which are going to get a look in here. You'll notice perhaps the 'profile' to the right of the page has changed, the list of interests there is indicative but not exclusive.

I'm really grateful to many people who have, over the years commented here, or more often, emailed to say hello and I have made some good friends through this blog. I'd like to think that it will be possible in 2008 and beyond to invigorate the place, shake off the dust a little and get a real sense of something happening here again and, as a result, find new friends and enjoy the continuing journey with friends already made.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new resolution!

Thanks for sharing the etchings of Venice, the last of which is my current computer wallpaper...

Jim D.

artything said...

I found your blog over the christmass period and I am glad to see that you are continuing, especially the personal memoties and joutnal stuff, I found yor art related stuff interesting as I am doing a Fine Ary Degree at Portsmouth, our paths mau have crossed in the more genera sense!
I must update my blog as i have neglected that of late!

John C said...

That's good news, Callum, especially since I've seen a number of regular reads shut up shop recently. You post such a large amount of unique material it would be a shame to see that end.

I have a tough time maintaining the post-per-day discipline sometimes but I've found that a broad agenda helps, especially if it's concerned with areas that aren't well-covered elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you're continuing with the good work Callum. You'd be a loss to blogging. I came back after a laptop-free Christmas/New Year break to visit your site and find new treasures.

I myself have a pressing task ahead (the 'equestrian' project) some trial/preparatory images from which I hope to share with you before too long!


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