Friday, January 18, 2008

Mystery Picture

It's perhaps a good job I didn't see this little art postcard for sale on Ebay until it was sold as I might have been tempted to bid on it. This would not have been good since our car is currently in the garage after breaking down on Sunday and so far the bill is £700! However, I wondered if anyone visiting here with better Googling skills than me could come up with a colour version...? and as I was typing that I thought to myself perhaps I had better have another try myself and I came up with this somewhat poor image from an auction in 1998. Can anyone find a better one. The title given in the auction catalogue is, Enfant jouant dans les calanques

The back of the card is quite helpful - so it's not so much of a mystery picture really - telling us that the painting is by Jean Lefeuvre and that it is titled, 'A Capri' and was exhibited at the 1914 Salon of the Soceite des Artistes Francais.

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John C said...

Lefeuvre seems to be one of those academic artists who was well-known--or at least respectable--while alive but whose star has now waned, hence his invisibility on the web. He receives passing mention in some of my Symbolist art books but that's about it, they don't even reproduce the Salomé picture of his. This one looks rather Tuke-like doesn't it?

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