Friday, January 18, 2008

More Everyman

While we're on the subject of pocket-sized books and The Everyman series in particular, here is a rather great little number from the Everyman series which I sold just the other day. A literary and historical atlas of Europe. I know there's some who visit here who have a bit of a fetish for old maps so I thought it would go quite nicely.

PS. Clive, how fantastic to hear from you again. I had kind of decided to leave you alone a little while, I hope that's what was indicated. Anyway, I can't begin to tell you how exciting it would be to see anything which betoken first stirrings on the 'equestrian' thing! How cryptic is that! John C. I'm obvioiusly going to have to pay more attention to these pocket-sized things. I actually have a dealer friend who I could always rely on to take piles of them away with her whenever we met as she has a small shop and said coyly, 'oh, I can sell a few from time to time.' - little did I know they were so avidly collected. However, a little like Penguins I have a definite feeling that there's a lot to learn about which Everyman books and other pocket books are collectable and rare and which are common and uninteresting to the collectors. The book above for example got to something like £12 I think. Jim D. I work part-time in someone else's bookshop and there's a huge range of pocket-editions which I haven't combed through thoroughly. I shall have to have a look for you and see if there's a copy of Dumas' The Queen's Necklace in the Collins Series. Having said that I can find 13 copies for sale online, ranging from £4-£15.

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