Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Miscellany

I have spent much of today trying to sort through the ridiculous number of pictures on my hard drive - dump many of them and burn others to disk so as to give this hard labouring computer a bit of a spring clean. So, today you get the fruits, or perhaps rather the sweepings, of that process.

PS. John C, I'm not sure what happened with your comment on the Gollancz post, I'm afraid the blog isn't busy enough for me to be able to judge from other people's comments if there's a specific problem with posting. I know exactly what you mean about the connections made though.


John C said...

It's no problem, was late at night (as it is now) and I quite probably closed a window too soon or something. Either that or Blogger was playing up, I know it has its faults now and then.

Anonymous said...

Now you're blogging!!

-Jim D.

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