Thursday, January 24, 2008

Felim Egan - Crucifixion

This is the kind of thing we love. R goes to our favourite junk/antique shop the other day and sees this print. Something about it piques his curiousity so he remembers the name of the artist who we then discover is a pretty well known and respected Irish artist but whose current work is nothing like this at all. Neither, in fact, is any of the work we can find represented on the Internet. Nonetheless we went back and bought it - obviously. Titled 'The Crucifixion' in a style redolent of celtic Christianity we think it's an aquatint although neither R nor I are the best judge of different kinds of printing. So, we've emailed a few places to see what we can find out about it. I'll let you know here if anything exciting comes of it.

PS. John C., there is, in fact, to be a book of Rolfe's photos but I'm not sure at this stage how much I'm allowed to say about who's publishing/editing and so on, as I understand it though, the text has now been written and I think the plan is for it to be out this year and I'll certainly be posting about it when it's available. In the meantime I may well make my own contribution by putting some of the copies of Rolfe's photos which I have in a post here. I would dearly love to see scans of the one's you have in theV&A catalogue in case they are one's I haven't seen before. Jim D., I'll get back to your email about the Dumas book very soon I promise.

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