Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cute Lads, Queens and Posh Frocks

It would be nice to think that this could be one of those cutting-edge, urban, streetwise, creative blogs that you come across from time to time but truth be told, I ended up today in Chichester - perhaps one of the most genteel and provincial Cathedral cities in the country. But, I did fill my pockets to bulging with CDVs and Cabinet Cards including a couple of her ex-Majesty Queen Victoria, some wonderful examples of Victorian fashion and one or two cute lads as well...

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artything said...

Interesting Blog!
Chichester is a haunt of mine as I live betwieen Chichester and Havant.
In portsmouth its all hassel and in your face you go to Chichester different Universe...I expect you were up by the Hornet when you got those photos or even the Market on Saturdays,,,Have you Been to Pallant House Gallery?
Nave been meaning to get in touch, but had the Chest infection thing thats beeb floating round,,,also finnishing 2000 word essay and thinking about my exhibition which is only rwo weeks away(in havant)

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