Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christopher Sandford Chooses Wood Engravings

I have spent most of the day listing/cataloguing a small collection of 'books about books'. That is, books about publishing, bookplates, bibliography, bookbinding and so on. A rather unassuming looking title among them was An Illustrated Guide to Old and Rare Books edited by Reginald Horrox (1951). The book is a collection of articles on everything from Australian bookplates to Collating the first three Shakespeare folios. And tucked away in the middle is a short article by Christopher Sandford entitled, 'The Progress of Wood-Engraving in Current Book-Illustration'. Now, as Sanford was a co-owner of The Golden Cockerel Press, you would expect him to know a thing or two about wood engraving. In fact, the article is little more than a plea for some public funding to be directed towards supporting newer (then) artists working in the medium. In an otherwise fairly dull book, in illustration terms, the woodcuts he chose to illustrate his article leap from the page.

John Buckland-Wright. One of my favourites and a great friend of Sandford.
Online Exhibition of items relating to Wright

Dorothea Braby: " A former pupil of John farliegh at the Central Schoo and who also studied in Italy and France, by diligent research and a wedding of her own personality with the subject matter on which she is engaged, produces work which, although original and new, brings us an authentic vision of peoples living faw away and long ago." - Christopher Sandford
A Bibliography of Work Illustrated by Braby

Clifford Webb
Brief Biography from The British Council
Google Image search for "Clifford Webb"

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