Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blond Thoughts

I have often heard that the gene for blond hair is not as strong as those for other colours and certainly, every now and again one hears something on the radio to that effect. Today I was flicking through a book on stage make-up published in 1905, interestingly I noticed that the author, when talking about wigs and beards makes the observation that blond and brunette hair are pretty much equally distributed. Amazing what a difference 100 years makes. Walk down the road outside here and you'd be hard-pressed to find a natural blond. The last I heard, I think, was that the 'experts' expect blond to be pretty much extinct in the UK in the next 70 years.

PS. John C. I have no idea what Endymion is up to! However, John Buckland-Wright is definately one of my favourites in this group of first-half 20thC printmakers. Ironically Clifford Webb was the one I hadn't heard of. And while we're on the subject of illustrations for greek myths, I must look out that little book I found the other day... hmmm... where did I put it? Oh, and thank you, I had a feeling you would rise to the challenge of Lefeuvre!

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