Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vintage Swim

Another one of the ever popular occasional series of posts from my collection of vintage swimwear pics and, as a very special treat... down at the bottom, a couple of bottoms!

Fans of the film The Dead Poets' Society will remember the scene in which Robin Williams takes the boys out of the classroom to the school's entrance hall and has them look, really look closely, at the old school photos which adorn the walls. He makes them look into the faces of the boys in those photos and makes them realise that though they are now all dead and gone, the boys in the photos, with the exception of hair styles and clothes, look just like the themselves - no different at all. But they are all dead! Hence Williams' characters' motto and the motto of the film Carpe Dium (Sieze the Day).

The scene stuck with me at the time and laid the foundation I think for my appreciation of vintage photography. I love to look at these old photos (and not just the swimwear ones which are just a bit of fun) and imagine the colour back into peoples clothes and faces.

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