Friday, November 16, 2007

A Piece of the Puzzle

In my recent post about the mystery set of photos I found on the road in South London some years ago, I see that I said I had searched in vain for a photo with the name of the ship on it. Now, in checking the photos that I uploaded here, I notice for the first time that there are life belts visible on one of the photos and blow me down if there isn't the name of the ship, ZOWL, and it's home ports, London, printed on them plain as day. Now I have to decide if I will take up the trail again.

PS. Thank you John C. for your comments. The last time I mentioned Gaughan was in connection with some Samuel R Delany covers for Ace Doubles and I was plesantly surprised to get a well-informed comment on the blog then from Gaughan's daughter! Amazing the connections one can make. I shall be counting the days till Feuilleton is back online - all good wishes for a speedy blog recovery.

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John C said...

Hi Callum, thanks and everything is up and running again! The trauma was worth it in the end since it's made me more confident about the technical side of things which I always enter into reluctantly.

I've also found that making blog posts about neglected works or people has the curious effect of drawing people to comment with some direct relation to that work or person. Probably more likely with you or I since we're eager to ferret out this obscure stuff and if your blog has enough connections it means you usually come up first in Google lists when someone runs a search.

Those Stella Langdale pictures are marvellous and I don't think I've come across her work before. A naked Christ entwined with serpents isn't something you see every day! There's some great lithographs from The Dream of Gerontius here:

I'll definitely have to post some of her work myself.

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