Monday, November 05, 2007

More Willard Price

A long time ago now, it seems, I published a very long post here about Willard Price, adventurer, explorer, journalist, boys' novelist and all round product of the most optimistic part of the American spirit. He's best well known for his 'Adventure Series' of stories - primarily for boys but a lot of women I know of my age seem to have read them as children as well. There are fourteen Adventure books and they were written, amazingly, over a period of nearly 30 years. My first aim in collecting Price is to have all fourteen Adventure books in their UK first editions by Jonathan Cape.

Below are the latest additions to my collection: South Sea Adventure (1952) and Underwater Adventure (1955). Alongside those I've also managed to find two other books which speak something of the length of his writing career, as well as perhaps of a lack of imagination in choosing titles! - two non-fiction books: Amazing Amazon (Heinemann, London, 1952) and Amazing Mississippi (Heinemann, London, 1962).

One of the most evocative things about the Adventure books and one of the things that makes them resonate with childhood memories are the scratchy, scribbly, frantically energetic illustrations by Pat Marriott. The last time I posted about Price I added in some of Marriott's illustrations and so below are some of the larger illustrations from Underwater Adventure.

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