Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Won!

Despite my blogging of vintage photos of male swimwear (see below), my actual collection of old photographs, as opposted to a digital collection, is quite small and always seems subservient to other parts of my collecting life. Also, as a 'collection' it's not really up to much as there is no particular theme or direction. It is the quintessential - I bought it because I liked it collection. I can think of a photo of a Victorian English woman in her full-length Kimono and huge silk parasol, there are two hand-tinted silver prints of Venice, a couple of delightful but sentimental Edwardian photos of a boy-girl romance around a hay-stack... and so on... things which grab me for no particular reason but which have impressed me enough not to find their way into my stock but rather into a frame.

This is the latest. An Ebay win. Very pleased!

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