Sunday, September 30, 2007

Working on a New Book

Some time ago I read, in a Victorian magazine, an article about Sarah Bernhardt, not concerned mainly with her as an actress but as a sculptor. I was intrigued by the article and by the slightly understated 'let the reader understand' tone of the piece which said, 'we may love this woman but she's a real diva!'. The article was part interview - on the day after Bernhardt's first performance of Lysanne - part biography, part art criticism and with a large dose of descriptive writing about Madame Sarah's interior design.

I decided to reprint the article and have been working on it most of the day. The pictures here are of the unsewn proof copy. I was particularly pleased to find the completely over-the-top printer's ornament on the cover and title page. R has suggested that it looks very like the work of Christopher Dresser and he may well be right.

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John C said...

Heh, I was going to ask what the ornament was.

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