Thursday, September 20, 2007

R on the Ebay trail

Regular readers of this blog will know that some time ago R started in on a £5 Ebay challenge. I would give him £5 - he would buy something sell it on Ebay and he would buy another thing with the profits he made... and so on.. and how long would it take to have £100 in the bank. The challenge fizzled out as the second and third items failed to make a decent showing. However, the man is making a come back. Recent sucesses include, this Longwy pot (top) bought for 50p in an antique shop, badly chipped, sold for £31: and this Burmantofts jug (2nd picture) bought in a charity shop for £2.99 and not yet finished but at the time of writing at £41: and this mahogany inlaid pipe-rack which has been hanging around the house forever as an uninteresting part of a larger lot bought at auction (so effectively free) sold for £22.99. All of this has been done under his own Ebay moniker 'oneateachend' (which, he assures me, is a reference to the two-way communication involved in an Ebay transaction!!). So, of course, now he is convinced that my ebay account, which he had used to sell things previously, is jinxed in some way.

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