Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Blurb

Dear Friends,

I am writing to inform you of the publication of The Colt and The Porcupine. Four Letters from John Holden to A. J. A. Symons edited and introduced by Robert Scoble. These letters were written to Symons in 1933 when he was engaged in research for The Quest for Corvo and give a fascinating account of Rolfe's personality and the events of Rolfe's tumultuous stay in Hollywell in North Wales, which is when the young John Holden knew Rolfe and collaborated with him on a number of projects. Portions of the letters were printed in The Quest but, as Robert Scoble points out in the introduction, they were effectively bowdlerised by Symons who apparently felt no compunction about changing names, details and events to suit his purposes. This edition is the first time the entire and correct text of the letters has been published. Robert Scoble has also unearthed two previously unpublished photographs of John Holden and these are also reproduced.

Those who have read these letters agree that in many ways they present a far more intimate and personalised account of Rolfe than can be found in any of his biographies and furnish a real sense of what it was like to know Rolfe as a person.

This title is not a number in The Raven Series and is being published in a strictly limited, numbered edition of 70. Numbers 1-12 comprise a special state being casebound in marbled boards on Zerkall paper, signed by the editor: and numbers 13-70 published in stiff card covers. If pre-publication interest is to be judged correctly, it is likely that the demand for the special state will outstrip supply, as happened with Raven 4, so it is important that you let us know quickly if you would like a copy of the special state.

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